3 Steps to Start your Body Contouring Business
Interested in starting your own body contouring business? Read this Free E-book on the first three steps you need to take! & The 3 modalities you need to offer.
The 6 figure Cheat Code E-Book
This E-book gives you the 6 figure cheat on starting your body contouring business and making it profitable.
The Body Snatcher Machine With Gel
This portable body contouring machine is an all-in-one DYI snatcher! This device has 3 functions: RF, Cavitation ultrasonic, and LED, you can use those 3 functions separately or in combination. The cavitation burst fat cells, radiofrequency tightens skin and the...
Body Contouring Group Course
The Body Contouring kit Includes:  Machine  Woods Course Curriculum  Workbook  Practice On Live Model  Vendor lists  Certification The Course Covers: Cavitation  RF Skin Tightening  Vacuum Therapy  Wood Therapy Lymphatic System Sauna Blanket & Body Wraps  Infrared Lights  Bonus: Information on...
from $2,200.00
The Body Snatcher High Waist Compression Leggings
The Body Snatcher High Waist Compression Leggings are a mixture of Waist Trainer and Workout leggings. Similar to our Compressing Shaper leggings. They feature a high compression fabric to accentuate your curves with a unique high waist. Designed with an abdominal belt with several...
The Body Snatcher Waist Trainer
Runs small, order one size up Features:  Stretchable outer band to size down as you lose inches/ weight Adjustable velcro closure  Conforms to your Stomach and Won't slip  Back and lumbar support for squats and lifting  Material:      ...
$75.00 $55.00
Herbal Ice Therapy with Metal Therapy
All Organic non invasive treatment to reduce, reaffirm and tone your body. NO SURGERY, NO NEEDLES, NO DOWNTIME.The Ice is a frozen lotion made of herbs, essential oils applied to your body to activate your natural thermogenesis. Ice Therapy burns...
from $875.00
Ice Therapy Group Course
The Ice Therapy Kit Includes:  Herbal Ice for Four clients  Metal Therapy Kit  Training Manual  Practice on a Live Model Vendors list & Certification  Product Knowledge  Marketing 
Colombian Post op
from $1,110.00
Colombian Post op
This package includes Advanced Colombian Post Operative Techniques that allows you to heal, recuperate and feel your best after Surgery. We are Colombia Trained, Have a NP on our team and a Certified Phlebotomist.
from $1,110.00
Snatched Body contouring Package
This package includes Cavitation, Lymphatic Stimulation, and wood therapy. Burn fat, Tighten, tone and sculpt the body with our Snatched Package 
Booty Boot Camp
from $750.00
Booty Boot Camp
This non invasive treatment  combines, RF skin tightening, Vacuum therapy, wood therapy, Electro muscle stimulation, & KT taping to induce collagen and fibroblast production, lift, tone, tighten and PLUMP the buttocks.
from $750.00
Thermo active Hot gel
Our thermo active hot gel is a slimming body gel that heats and mobilizes the break down of excess water and fat in the body! Use with any of our waist trainers, compression tights or wrap band for optimal results!
Detox Package
from $450.00
Detox Package
Burn up to 1,000 calories in one session! incudes lymphatic stimulation/wood therapy
from $450.00
Colombian Cellulite Blaster
This treatment consists of advanced Colombia techniques such as  wood therapy, lymphatic Stimulation, and vacuum therapy along with specialized enzymes that target stubborn fat deposits and cellulite.
from $500.00
The Body Snatcher mid waist Leggings
The Body Snatcher leggings are a mixture of workout leggings a shapewear and waist trainer all in one. They feature a high compression fabric to accentuate your curves with a unique high waist. Designed with an abdominal belt with several rows...
Mid thigh, bra, High Compression Stage 2 Colombian faja
This faja is a high compression faja. Abdominal reinforcement and high back for added compression. Enclosed bra for  extra support. Recommended for stage 2 post op and NON-surgery maintenance. 
Stage Three Faja With Rods -Black
Handmade in Colombia, This Stage three faja with rods provides maximum compression and shaping.  The Rods snatch your waistline and contour the body.  The Buttocks is wide, lifting the buttocks without compression. 
Cryo slim cold Gel
The Body snatcher's Cryo slim cold gel detoxes the body while simultaneously reaffirming the skin. Use the cold gel under a waist trainer for added inch loss and sweat production without worrying about loose skin!  Contains active ingredients that help...
Body Snatcher Lumbar Board
The Body snatcher's Lumbar board is designed to help shape the buttocks area and  enhance the arch of the buttocks by compressing the lumbar area.  Wear this under one of our colombian fajas.
1:1 In Person Body Contouring Course
The Course Covers:  Cavitation  RF Skin Tightening  Vacuum Therapy  Wood Therapy  Lymphatic System  Sauna Blanket & Body Wraps  Infrared Lights  The Body Contouring Kit Includes:  Machine  Woods Course Curriculum  Workbook Practice on Live Model  Vendor Lists  Certification Bonus: Business Audit...
Sauna Leggings
Need a little extra help sweating in the Gym? Our Sauna Leggings are guaranteed to help you burns more calories in all the right places!  Compression in the tummy and a built in sauna in the fupa area maximizes your...
Deep Pore cleansing facial
$560.00 from $520.00
Deep Pore cleansing facial
This facial targets congested skin, detoxes your pores and rids the skin of deep rooted impurities. Includes extractions, deep exfoliation, mask, and LED light therapy treatment.
$560.00 from $520.00
$1,140.00 from $1,000.00
Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that’s used to treat skin concerns via collagen production. Also known as collagen induction therapy, this treatment may help those looking to reduce the appearance of acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also used in...
$1,140.00 from $1,000.00
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